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The group of companies "Tvinpro" created in 2016 and includes a production enterprise LLC "OKB "Augite" (Saint-Petersburg — founded in 2013), JSC "EC-prom" (city of Samara. founded in 2011) and the parent company OOO "Tvinpro" (Moscow, founded in 2013).

Group of companies is engaged in development, manufacture, supply, promotion and technical support of complex high-tech security systems. The name of the group of companies formed from the phrase "Proektirovki", which include technical equipment for Assembly, configuration, installation, configuration and maintenance which are decisive features of the project. Such tools require highly specialized qualifications of staff working with them, at all stages of the project, but at the same time provide the highest achievable levels of functionality, informativeness, timeliness, reliability, survivability, minimize the impact of human factors and other consumer characteristics.

The group of companies "Tvinpro" delivers on the market as their own production and their foreign partners, which allows us to offer users a complete and comprehensive range of systems, capable of providing the optimum security level for securable objects for various purposes.

The main product lines of the group of companies are the following.

Наименование линейки продуктов Производитель
Система охранного освещения «Заря» ООО «ОКБ «Авгит» (ГК «ТвинПро»)
Системы периметральной сигнализации «Пунктир» ООО «ОКБ «Авгит» (ГК «ТвинПро»)
Аппаратно-программный комплекс интегрированной системы безопасности «Бастион-2» ООО «ЕС-пром» (ГК «ТвинПро»)
Система контроля и управления доступом Elsys ООО «ЕС-пром» (ГК «ТвинПро»)
Системы периметральной сигнализации Peridect Sieza s.r.o. (Чехия)

Representatives of customers the specialists of LLC "Tvinpro" provide detailed information about the capabilities and features of the proposed system, conduct orientation seminars and equipment demonstrations on its territory or on the territory of the customer, if necessary, provide equipment to perform test installations and test sites, assisted in the preparation of technical tasks for design, and if necessary, participate in the acceptance performed by contractors design, installation and commissioning.

Design companies our specialists help determine the feasibility of the proposed equipment configuration that best meets the specifications, advise on features and functionality of systems provide ready-made standard solutions in the form of detailed drawings of assemblies and components, structural and circuit diagrams, control the correctness of the adopted technical Deca Protocol to the finished project.

Installation and service companies LLC "Twinpro" offers trainings and workshops in various formats, designed to form theoretical knowledge and practical skills to work effectively with systems, and technical support at all stages of work, and if necessary, organize assistance in carrying out these works directly on the object.